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We are an Asset Based Hard Money Lending Firm for Residential Investment Properties.

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What types of property will G.O.A.T Funding Group lend on?

Investment Loans, Fix and Flip Loans, New Construction, Landlord Loans, Transactional funding, and more.

Terms of the loans

Our loans are 6 month terms with extensions available upon request. Rates are 7.99%. Lender fees are 3%; 1% paid at loan origination; 2 % at end of loan term. Processing fees are $1,695 which includes initial inspection fee, processing fee, appraisal and doc prep fees.


What sets G.O.A.T. Funding apart from the rest?

G.O.A.T is an acronym for “The Greatest of All Time” and is not a title that is easily given out. 

The principals of G.O.A.T. Funding Group have purchased, rehabbed and financed over 7,500 homes which includes over 4,000 asset-based, hard money loans totally in access of $1 billion in transactions. 

Being Real Estate and Title Attorneys, Investors, Rehabbers, Lenders and much more, we have over 40 years of combined experience in every aspect of the transaction.  This includes all aspects of the acquisition process, to hands-on rehabs of all sizes,  on all price ranges of properties, to all types of exit strategies including wholesale and retail sales, owner finance sales and leasing.

As investors ourselves, we walk the walk and talk the talk every day. Our number one priority is your success. We provide you our guidance and share our expertise with you every step of the way to help ensure your financial success. 

$ 1 M


~ 1 K


~ 1 K


$ 1 B


Hard Money Loans

Years in the industry.

About us

G.O.A.T. Funding Group Is Your Source For Asset Based Lending

Searched and found a GREAT deal but unsure of how to add it to your portfolio? G.O.A.T. Funding Group is your #1 source for quick closes and the best rates available in the industry. Our team is dedicated to work with you through the entirety of the process to ensure that your funding is smooth, transparent and easy.


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