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G.O.A.T. Funding GroupG.O.A.T. Funding GroupG.O.A.T. Funding Group

Our Team

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Our expert team members will assist you.

With a combination of over 40 years of real estate experience between our team, there aren’t very many scenarios we haven’t navigated ourselves. This knowledge and experience becomes available to you when we work together to grow your real estate investments.


Scott is one of the most experienced real estate investors and lenders in the State of Texas. He has currently purchased, rehabbed and financed over 7,000 homes. As a Real Estate and Title Attorney of 35+ years, Scott provides an unparalleled level of knowledge, creativity and awareness about all aspects of real estate investing.


Kyle has owned his own Construction and Renovation company for the last 10 years and has been flipping houses since 1998. He’s built single family and multifamily homes and everything in between. There’s nothing he hasn’t done, and his expertise be invaluable to you throughout the process Kyle partnered with Scott and Susan and is the new Business Development at G.O.A.T. Kyle will help you get the biggest BANG for your BUCK “pun intended” He should be your FIRST CALL!


"DOE #1"
Susan has been a real estate investor since 2016. Before investing in real estate, she spent 30 years in sales and marketing working with many of the country’s largest media firms. Susan’s primary investment strategy is Owner Financing and she currently holds 100+ Owner Finance mortgages.


After graduating from Texas Tech University, Ryan jumped right in to Real Estate as a Construction Manager. Having managed over 100+ rehabs, he’s seen it all. His expertise will help guide you through the rehab process. Ryan is weeks away from getting his Real Estate License and can assist you in listing your property at a discounted fee.


“DOE #2"
Elizabeth is the newest “Doe” to the group. She is our Administrator who helps our customers with filling out forms and any questions they may have along the way. Her role is to keep the herd moving along smoothly and to avoid any bumps along the way. Elizabeth is detailed orientated, kind and patient, and ensures every deal is a success.


“DOE #3"
With 13 years of combined Accounting and Property management experience- Noelle, our newest Doe hopes to bring her knowledge and experience to the table here at G.O.A.T. In hopes to bring value and foundational support to both our leadership and customers. Noelle is confident, self-motivated, and precise. She welcomes challenge and is excited to serve you!